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Thank you so much for your interest in Chattooine! Chattooine is a volunteer charity organization, and we dedicate a lot of time and effort towards making a positive impact on the community. That being said, our primary focus is on charity events and public appearances that lift the spirits of the citizens in Chattanooga and the surrounding area. There is nothing quite as remarkable as seeing someone's expression light up when they see his or her favorite character come to life! With us attending several charity events, we do often get asked if the event coordinator can pay us for our time. Our group does not accept payment for our appearances, but donations to our club expenses or a local children's charity in our name is always appreciated. Chattooine is dedicated to giving back, so we definitely thank you for your generosity.

Chattooine generally does not do private parties or birthdays, however, if a request is made, we can pass your contact info along to interested individuals. We know that both young and old love to interact with their favorite hero, princess, Jedi, and so many other characters. Because we get so many requests, we will strive to answer each request as promptly as possible. Our club is comprised 100% of volunteers, so it is very difficult or impossible for us to guarantee specific characters or numbers of characters for events. Chattooine's volunteers typically split their time between work, home, and these events while taking care of other important needs. We try to accommodate the character requests, however it is not always as possible as we might like. Please also remember this when you make a request, because more general requests have a much higher chance of us being able to honor them. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Anyone making a request for an appearance from Chattooine must be 18 years of age or older and an official representative of the event. This makes it easier and more efficient for us to exchange information and crucial details to better assist you. If we are unable to do an event, we will attempt to contact other groups in the area who may be able to help you out instead. We always hope that your event is as successful and wonderful as you want it to be!

Chattooine reserves the right to refuse any event requested. Each request is always carefully considered and all details will be looked at before making a final decision. Thank you again for requesting Chattooine to be a part of your special event!

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